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10 Easy End of Year Activities for Elementary

I know, I know, you’re running on empty and the end of the school year feels like it’s dragging on forever. But hang in there, because I’ve got your back with 10 easy end of year activities that won’t require a ton of prep or energy. Trust me, I’ve been there, and these ideas will help you sail through those last few weeks with minimal stress. So grab a quick caffeine fix and let’s make these final days memorable and fun for our students, without exhausting ourselves in the process. You’ve got this!

1. Higher/Lower Probability Game

This engaging math game is a hit with students and is one of my favorite end of year activities. It requires minimal prep from you! Simply grab a deck of cards and watch as your students practice their probability skills while having a blast. In this game, students guess whether the next card drawn will be higher or lower than the previous one. It’s a great way to review concepts like greater than, less than, and equal to, all while keeping your class entertained. I’ve created a fantastic YouTube video that explains the game in detail, so you can easily implement it in your classroom.

Watch this 3:15 minute video for a game your students will love!

2. Math Review Craft Your Students will Think is Fun

As elementary teachers, we cover a wide variety of topics like area and perimeter, fractions, multiplication arrays, place value, and division. It’s hard to review it all, but these end of year activities in one craft save you so much time. This craft allows students to design their own hot air balloons while reinforcing key math concepts. With options for differentiation, you can tailor the activity to suit the needs of your students. Plus, it’s minimal prep for you, making it a win-win! Check out the Hot Air Balloon Math Review Craft here, another favorite from my end of year activities list.

3. Making Thank You Cards for Staff and Parents

Take a moment to spread some gratitude with your students by making thank you cards for staff and parents! All you need are some blank cards or paper, markers, crayons, and stickers to add a personal touch. Not only will this activity foster a sense of appreciation, but it also provides valuable writing practice for students as they express their thanks in their own words. Here is a link to some cute free ideas for your students. These end of year activities are an easy way to let your students express their creativity.

4. Multiplication or Addition War Game

All you need is a pack of playing cards and you’re ready to go. This fast-paced game is a fun way for students to practice their multiplication facts while competing with their classmates. I’ve created a YouTube video tutorial to make it easy for you to implement in your classroom. These super fun end of year activities are perfect for the last few weeks, but can honestly be used any time of the year!

5. End of the Year and Summer Multiplication Coloring Pages

As the school year winds down, coloring activities are perfect for keeping students busy while you attend to individual assessments or wrap up end-of-year tasks. Not only will the activity sheets  keep your students coloring, but they will have plenty of opportunities to review their multiplication facts while using valuable strategies. Check out the End of the Year Coloring Pages and Summer Coloring Pages. I love using coloring as end of year activities because they are so calming, plus it reinforces your math practice.

6. Share a Joke or Poem Day

To ensure the jokes and poems are appropriate, lay out several joke books and poetry books that you have hand-picked (borrow from your teacher friends too) and give students time to silently read through them with partners and post-it note some of their favorites.  Students can take turns reading them aloud from the books, and you can even have a vote for the best joke or poem of the day.  Not only does it provide a fun break from regular routines, but it also fosters a positive classroom culture and encourages public speaking skills.

7. Classroom Review Skee Ball Arcade

This interactive game turns your classroom into a mini arcade, where students can test their knowledge while aiming for high scores. With just a few simple materials like paper cups, a ball, and some index cards with review questions, you can create a game that will have your students excited to participate. I’ve created a YouTube video tutorial to show you exactly how to set it up and get ready for some skeeball-inspired learning fun!

Cheap, simple and soooooo much fun for the end of the year!

8. Make an End of Year Memory Craft Keepsake

Capture the memories of the school year with a craft activity! Students can reflect on their favorite moments and experiences, creating a special keepsake to cherish. Check out the End-of-the-Year Snapshot Craft Memory Book as an easy prep resource to save you time!

9. Cooperative Classroom Clean Up

Turn end-of-year tidying into a meaningful service project while teaching valuable life skills! Allow your students to help clean up their classroom and take responsibility for tidying their learning space. Have a group take all the books off a shelf, dust, and put the books back with the spines out.  Have another group thoroughly clean all the dry erase boards, check which markers still work, and clean the containers for them. 

10. Beach Day in the Classroom

Bring the beach vibes into your classroom for a memorable end-of-year celebration! Transform your classroom into a seaside paradise with some beach balls, swim ring floats, and beach towels.  Then, work on a beach craft that reviews valuable skills.  Check out the Balancing Equations End-of-Year Math Craft Beach Day for a creative way to review all four operations and for easy differentiation!

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