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Welcome Teachers! Meet Amber from TGIF!

Thanks for popping in! I’m Amber, a wife, mom of 2, veteran teacher of 21 years who now creates educational resources for upper elementary teachers to help save them time!

Who am I?

My husband and I have been married for 29 years. We live in Southern Illinois with our two children.

We love living in the country with our dogs and cats, with my parents right next door. My loves include being out in nature, camping, visiting Disney World, crafting and creating, and indulging in just about any kind of chocolate (especially the Werther’s sea salted chocolate covered caramels in Epcot).

Teaching and creating activities that engage students in their learning is my passion.

Teaching Experience

Upon graduating from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, I taught upper elementary grades for more than two decades.

Throughout my teaching career, I have had an interest in developing games, activities, centers and crafts for my students and other teachers.

I love being able to create resources that help teachers meet their educational goals and make it easier for them to plan.

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